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 Posted: Thu Oct 24th, 2019 09:49 am
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After posting to my Facebook page , it has been encouraging to receive feedback from some friends in San Carlos.

The most important being - many of them were unaware OR thought Shots the business had some issue with the HOA.  The facts of the issue were completely unknown to them.

This is a problem , because the town will keep patronizing these criminals through lack of knowledge 

I hope the billboard is made clearer 

And I hope that all good people connected with San Carlos will share the information - it is simple and should not be clouded in innuendo - the simple fact is John and Judy Harris are stealing from two decent people by not paying either the agreed purchase contract or the rent for the condo. 

This has nothing to do with trashing a business , it has everything to do with decency and the character of this town , the majority of whom are good &  kind people. 

For practical steps avoiding patronizing the establishment certainly will help - but candidly if the facts are not shared with the community at large then you will still have good people using the place for fund raisers , markets etc. 

These two low life's are very good at convincing good people that they are hard done by - not so , the fact they have managed to delay the court proceedings by one way or another will not prevent justice eventually being done.

For my part , I intend to email every single person I know connected to San Carlos and share with them the knowledge , I will do the same for every email I have for fishermen who visit or any other contact that I know who might stumble in there , unknowing who they are supporting.  The rest of you  could do the same - remember the libel law , it is not libel if it is fact - and that fact is they have not paid rent on the condo for 2 years ! (I am not sure how long the purchase has been unpaid)

Good luck to Susan and Bill.