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 Posted: Wed Oct 23rd, 2019 06:53 pm
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After some 30 years plus that we have been here in SC, I am really proud to see what is happening here...this is a fight of good versus evil. All who have had the courage of their convictions to post in support of the owners who are attempting to obtain their properties back. This forum has served as a wonderful source of information that has been disseminated in a respectful and honest way. There have been no cheap shots, just a systematic trail of evidence, no one being forced to accept or reject it. This sites appears to have the wisest and most well founded San Carlos readers and posters as participants, and for that we should all be thankful. We are also monitored with one who has the abilities perceptively to know when to monitor and on rare occasion invest himself into the discussion. Many of us have no real dog in this fight, but I am thankful to know that if I were the dog in this fight, and my fight was righteous this wonderful community and forum would rally, as it has here. Thanks to all.