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 Posted: Fri Oct 18th, 2019 03:22 am
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my comment was to address the same ole, same ole talking point, "never invest unless you can afford to lose"
myself and many, many others have had successful real estate dealings here! i will be first to attest, as i noted there is a small percentage of "bad deals"!!

i made my points, that it is a multifaceted problem, where some of the problems lay!
being here 18 years building and developing, i have run into ALMOST everything!

i have edited this post!
the restaurant / bar, through purchase, lease, rent or sublease are real estate transactions!
the points i addressed are valid in the purchase of a home. land or a business transaction!

until a purchase, lease, rent, sublease agreement can be provided or a combination of the mentioned, any comments are just speculation!

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