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 Posted: Thu Oct 17th, 2019 07:43 pm
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dolphin007 wrote: As the old saying goes, never invest what you cant afford to lose.

Unless you Know someone with enough power. "That is the Keyword"! Otherwise your scr**$$.... The Multi-tiered judicial system rarely works in your favor. You will spend thousands and thousands waiting for your day in court. Depending on who your issues are with, YOU WILL NEVER WIN! 
i don't totally agree with these statements!
personally i have bought and sold many properties here in San Carlos, and have been successful 99% of the time! it's the 1% we all hear about, the one you need to bring in a lawyer for!
i have gone through an abnormal share of attorney's here! very few are specialists in anything! it is difficult finding one, especially if your Spanish is limited and even when it is good! the majority are "ambulance chaser" types! comment from experience!
if you are lucky enough to find a good one, YOU CAN WIN!!
you only have to be tenacious and steadfast in your belief, and have the diligence and endurance to survive the time consuming litigation!

this particular problem and most real estate  problems are multifaceted!
* it starts with the agent you use for purchase. NO REAL EDUCATIONAL or FORMAL LICENCING requirements. 
* no errors and omission insurance.
* the use of a Notario as opposed to a title company
* no title insurance!
* a planning and zoning department with enforcement capabilities!

had this problem occurred NOB, there would have been at least 2 sources for recovery of damages and solution! the agents error and omission insurance, the title insurance policy!
but we are not NOB, we are here! 

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