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 Posted: Thu Oct 17th, 2019 05:11 pm
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Sad, Sad, Sad!!! Everyone knows what they are getting themselves into when investing in anything in Mexico. And if not???? As the old saying goes, never invest what you cant afford to lose.

I'm not making a comment one way or the other about shots! None of my business. This is happening all around San Carlos. It has been for years. Just worse now.
Unless you Know someone with enough power. "That is the Keyword"! Otherwise your scr**$$.... The Multi-tiered judicial system rarely works in your favor. You will spend thousands and thousands waiting for your day in court. Depending on who your issues are with, YOU WILL NEVER WIN! Frankies right. EVERYONE IS A bar stool LAWYER and has all the right answers you want to "hear".. I hope all works out for J an J. Someone Riding around with a sign like that! "PLEASE!" Your Certainly not in Kansas anymore toetoe. So sad but true. Still, I will continue to come. Love San Carlos. I just won't own any longer.