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 Posted: Fri Oct 11th, 2019 05:33 am
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Hmmm... This doesn't make sense. Two different property owners rented their spaces to J&J.
They both now claim rent has not been paid for a lengthy time in either place. Wouldn't J&J have payment receipts to show they paid?

Marigot says J&J have paid their rent. Just not the bogus fees. So wouldn't the sign say that instead? "J&J haven't paid their fines and fees."? J&J could easily produce the bill for these fines and fees if one were issued to them.

I would think, as a property owner, that if your tenant paid rent, that is the agreement on both sides and everyone would be happy. Why go to such extremes to say differently if they were really being paid? What is the point of that?

Are the charges really false? Is it really unfounded lies? Landlords that are being paid would dream up lies to command a campaign?? To what end?

It doesn't make sense.