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 Posted: Thu Oct 10th, 2019 10:29 pm
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The owner of the building is asking for a boycott at Shots.

In Mexico, you can easily lose your property to squatters if your contract expires and they stop paying rent. Its usually argued that the the owner verbally agreed to give away the property, or not charge rent, and when rent is not paid, sets a precedence of acceptance. When in doubt posession is 9/10th of the law here, like many places.

Publishing their discontent obviously takes a stand, makes it publicaly known, and could be a way to solicit collaborating witnesses.

I do not know who is the shyster in this dispute. I am merely warning people about loaning out out their property, or accepting a lack of payment. It took me 4 years to remove a deadbeat, and another employee actually took over another small property one of my companies owned.