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 Posted: Mon Sep 9th, 2019 09:40 pm
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This is probably a long over due update to what we consider our AUP-Acceptable Use Policy. My philosophy has always been to look at the mast head (San Carlos, Sonora, Mexico) and ask myself if the thread or post pertains to the mast head. If it does not, then it is subject to removal at my sole discretion.

I realize now that I need to be more specific in what is and is not acceptable material for our forum. We began this back in 2006 as a place for potential visitors and newbys to ask questions and get answers to questions about our community. I fully intend to continue that mission.

Having said that, here are topics that are NOT acceptable on our forum:
US Politics
US Sports
US Government Policies

If you have a doubt about a potential thread or post, look at the mast head-does it relate to or involve San Carlos Sonora Mexico? Does it violate our original TOS/AUP? OK

If you still have a question, you can PM me with your issue and I will review it as soon as possible and reply.

I reserve the right to update this policy as necessary.