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 Posted: Thu Jun 21st, 2018 03:48 pm
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To all that responded, gracias. 
I wanted to pass on my experience.
We did indeed get our TIP.
i first tried banjercito website. Kept getting
booted off. So then went to Mexican consulate in tucson.  They said go to km 21.
We stopped at first check point immediately across border at mariposa.
They told us no and waved us on.
At the first toll booth was directed to
Aduana just past there. 
At aduana was inspected twice.
Docs needed were:
Trailer registration.
Trailer title. 
Truck registration. 
Drivers license.
Current plates on truck and trailer.
Boat ownership doc from Arizona. 
All numbers on docs, boat,  and trailer were
Confirmed as corresponding and current to
Numbers on boat,  truck,  and trailer. 
Then told to go to km 21.
At km 21 got visa.
Directed to banjercito for TIP. After
hour and half wait in line, 
Again had to produce all aforementioned.
 The agent tried to charge me $269.00 for importing truck as well as boat.  After disagreeing with him that was dismissed. 
Seemed like just a mistake more than intentional.
After tip issued and visa paid for
Sent back to visa window to get stamp on visa.
Cost for TIP was $59 USD.

no inspection at km 21.
Just thorough exam of docs.