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 Posted: Mon Feb 11th, 2013 06:20 pm
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A part of the confusion here is the scenario described in your last post is somewhat different than that described in your initial post.

Ezmony is quite correct that if you buy goods from a local chandler, you'll pay a retail price that already incorporates the import duties.  Your intransit status won't matter in that case.

Which yard or marina is the boat in now?  Someone here may be able to point you to the appropriate person to assist in your documentation of needs.

A TIP may be considered an intransit document in your case.  Since most boats in San Carlos don't leave here for other countries, it is viewed as a temporary import permit to allow a non-Mexican vessel to remain in and be used in Mexican waters. Don't forget to to turn it in and get a receipt for it at your last Mexican port of call before you depart on your voyage.

And FYI, ezmony has imported and refurbished more than one vessel in Mexico.

I'll go back to my earlier post.  If you'll announce your travel needs here, you may be able to hitch a ride from Phoenix back to San Carlos with your new goodies in hand.