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 Posted: Mon Feb 11th, 2013 03:56 pm
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Thank you for your response. However, 'what my little heart desires' is accuracy. Coincidentally, I have just received a notification regarding tax free imports to Mexico and, ezmony, your advise is seriously flawed.

Items for boats which are genuinely for repairs and maintenance and generally required items for safe passage can be brought in duty free to Mexico. A laptop and golf clubs would not qualify, but an EPIRB and AIS would.

It requires that the boat owner has a Temporary Import Permit for the vessel (very inexpensive and valid for 10 years). The TIP tells authorities the boat is effectively in transit. The import is done at the point of the entry of the goods; whether that is at the border or at Hermisillo airport.

A document from a marina or boatyard, confirming the items are legitimately required for the boat will help the import process. This puts a degree of responsibility on the boatyard which guarantees veracity.

The means whereby goods can be imported legitimately appear quite simple and are well documented.

For those who are refitting or updating the systems on their boats this is good news and generally mirrors the customs' requirements of most seafaring nations.

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