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 Posted: Mon Feb 11th, 2013 02:25 pm
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As for me, no, I have not yet weighed anchor and set sail. Nor do I expect to do so, for some little time yet. I am currently in Phoenix, having just arrived from SE Asia as I had forecast.

Currently, and purely to satisfy your inquiring mind, I am buying requisite items and enjoying some fine steaks following a year's diet which almost universally included rice and pork.

From a sailing viewpoint, should you need to investigate further, you may wish to view the international Cruiser Log Forum and update yourself on my movements. I moderate there under the name 'Auzzee'. My plans have also been revealed through the pages of the excellent US sailing Mag, Cruising World.

Meanwhile I wonder if now, you might consider the question I originally asked, for it would help me greatly to receive advice on chandleries from a local expert.