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 Posted: Tue Nov 29th, 2011 04:27 pm
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Okay, we're back form our Thanksgiving Week sailing trip to Kino.  Mostly we had a great time but there were a few hassles.  The big lesson I learned is that it's NOT worth the border delays to bring in a boat for a week unless your tow vehicle, trailer, and boat paperwork (title and registration) is perfect.  We cobbled together what we hoped would be good enough.  It was, eventually, but hours were spent both going in and out of Nogales while officials dragged their feet and pondered.  The only reason we even needed the paperwork was to get though the checkpoint right there at Km 21.  We stayed at Islandia Marina in Kino Viejo.  Saul there is a wealth of local knowledge.  He has a 4wd Toyota and managed to launch and haul out our single axle Catalina 22 on the sketchiest ramp I've ever seen!  We had perfect conditions sailing to and from Isla Tiburon.  We anchored in Bahia de Los Perros (Dog Bay) at the south end of the island in 1 fathom with a sandy bottom.  Had a blast snorkelling for clams, caracoles, sand dollars, etc.  Even caught a few small tuna (I think) while sailing.  The current warnings are to be heeded.  We stayed over an extra day while the wind was blowing over 20 knots.  A short day-sail in current-driven waves packed a whole days worth of sailing adventure into 45 minutes.  The next day good wind conditions and appropriate tide timing changed everything.  The only bad side of our sailing trip was that we quickly went through the beer rations and made it back to the mainland with just a few fingers of tequila left!

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