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 Posted: Tue Sep 8th, 2009 05:25 pm
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Galley Wench wrote: Thanks . . . I enjoy photography!  

That's one of the great things about The Sea . . . other than Puerto Penasco (Rocky Point) in the far north there is nothing touristy about it; the scenery and the people are wonderful!  

We have a Hunter 42.   We bought her in San Carlos in the summer of 2005.  We live in the mountains of Arizona (3 hours north of Tucson) and it gets cold and snowy here in the winter, so we're usually out of here by mid-October and stay until Spring.

Yes, the lobsters are fresh, we watched him dive for them!   He even removed the tails so all I had to do was wash them, put in foil with a little garlic, wine and butter. . . YUM!

Last year we did the mainland route (our one and ONLY time) and took our time.   We stopped at Yavarras (a bit like the Bubba Gump fish company camp), Toppalabombo, then Altata (a wonderful stop) and Mazatlan.   We then did an overnight to Puerto Vallarta (actually La Cruz, we're not into touristy either).   Stayed for Christmas, and then down to Barra de Navidad, where the French  baker is located.   I can't remember his name but he's on the radio every morning . . . 'dis is da French baker, on dock  . . ."

The 2006-2007 season we did a straight shot from La Paz to Barra de Navidad, through the Lorenzo Channel and then across.  I think it took us four days (with one overnight stop)!   It was an easier rounding of Corrientes because we were able to get further out.   From Barra it's onoly about 4 hours south to Manzanillo, so you should be able to do it 3+ days.

Once you round Corrientes everything changes, the cactus give away to white sand beaches lined with palm trees.   The temperature rises almost immediately.  It a bit like the caribbean. but not as remote!

The big issue in the Sea of Corez is the weather . . . it can go from flat calm to 25 knots in a matter of hours, espcially in the northern half.   For weather reports we rely on Bouy Weather and local radio reports on the Ham radio.    The best times we've found to sail from San Carlos in the fall is October . . . mid October to Thanksgiving.  The northers start blowing in after Thanksgiving and it's usually February before the last one blows through. 

Hope this helps!


Great info, Diana - thanks again! It sounds like wonderful cruising down there. But do you mean you think we'd be able to make it from SC to Barra in 3+ days? That seems awfully quick even for a straight shot. At any rate, we'd hope to be able to take two weeks to make the trip. I think that would be enough time - though of course, not nearly as long as we'd like to have.

We'd need to get there before the end of November, so hopefully that timing would be good, weatherwise. It sounds like it would be.

Thanks again for the info. (BTW, I realized I neglected to send you the URL for our website - it's, if you're curious)

Howard, I haven't sailed offshore but my husband has and is an experienced sailor who has his advanced skipper certification and has been sailing essentially his whole life. So in that regard, I'm not worried.

We wouldn't be leaving until after Nov. 1 - we want to avoid hurricane season and wouldn't be able to get insurance to leave before then anyway. We'd probably leave around the second week of November. Thanks for the input on weather and distance. That's all good to know.

Unfortunately, we're not in SC or I'd gladly take a photo of your boat and send it to you. I hope your boat's okay - from what I've read on here, it sounds like only a very small number of boats in Marina Seca were affected.