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 Posted: Thu Mar 20th, 2008 05:28 pm
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We've made a significant change to the Mercado section-it is now FREE to use with some caveats.  Please read the following before you post.

Paid Advertisers:  Those with paid ads on the main web site at are welcome to post and update ads as required within the same category as your paid ad.  These ads do not expire but we do ask that you let us know if the item sold or is no longer available for rent, etc.  Simply post a note that it is sold and we'll take it down.

Non-paid advertisers:  You may post for free and we'll run the ad for 30 days.  If it sells before that or is no longer available, please post that and we'll take it down. Please do not post multiple ads for the same item and do not "bump" your ad to change it's relative placement.

Please post only in the appropriate category and one ad per item only, please. If we don't have a category for whatever it is, send us an email or PM and we'll look at adding categories.  Do not post for sale or rent or wanted items that belong in the Mercado in the regular forums. 

New Category added-we've added a new category called Ribbon Cutting.  This is for use by new business opening in San Carlos or Guaymas and is a way to help new business get off to a good start.  The 30 day time limit is maximum on this catgegory.

Why the change?  The system was taking more time to manage than it was worth in terms of generated revenue so we'll try it this way.




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