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 Posted: Mon Oct 15th, 2007 07:29 pm
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Based on the number of requests we get to list things on our forums and even on the main web site, we have added this Mercado feature to allow you to do it yourself.

You may post a photo of your item.  Please limit photos to a max width of 240 pixels so as not to distort the entire forum.  Oversized photos will be removed.

Be sure to include contact information so prospective buyers can contact you.

We encourage you to keep a copy of your ad on file elsewhere on your computer.   We do not keep copies of ads posted in the Mercado.

Use of the Mercado is at your own risk, including divulging contact information.  Vista Communications assumes no responsibility for the success of your listing and makes no claims and is not responsible for the accuracy of items listed.  

Understanding of these and other rules as we may develop in the future is your responsibility.  Listing your items is at your own risk-no refunds will be given.

Email us for special requests, including suggestions for additional category forums. Paid advertisers may request a complimentary Mercado subscription via email.

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