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 Posted: Thu Oct 27th, 2005 04:09 pm
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We welcome all to our forums section.  We invite our site visitors to post questions and queries and we invite our San Carlos friends to assist us with providing answers. We ask that all obey a few simple rules and netiquette so that all may benefit from this service. 

Please post on the appropriate board.  We have message boards or forums for fishing, diving, sailing and general information.  Each forum has it's own experts who monitor and respond to queries and questions.  Also please do not post in all capital letters.

We want to encourage an honest exchange of information but we ask all to play nicely. Flame wars, personal attacks or vendettas and profanity are not appreciated or desired. If you have a grudge or score to settle, hire a lawyer-don't put it here. You have the right to post - - you do not have the right to be a jerk.

You are welcome to search the boards for topics of interest to you and we encourage you to do so-perhaps someone has already posted on the same topic.  You do not have to register to view the boards but you will need to register to post.

You can also do a search for information on our web site and we encourage you to do so before you post a query.  We may already have the information you seek published on the site.  Click on the home button at the upper left to visit the main web site.

Thanx for visiting with us and your interest in San Carlos, Sonora, Mexico!