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Joined: Mon Nov 23rd, 2015
Posts: 1
Looking at some sailboat options, but I've only launched off a trailer at Marina San Carlos with a swingkeel boat, so I've never had any concerns with draft, given I was drawing less than 2 feet.  Searching here I only found references to people having issues with a 5+ foot draft (needing a sufficiently high tide to launch), can someone confirm the launch would work fine for a 25 footer with a less than 4 ft draft?

Current candidate boat is a 23 footer with a 3' 7" draft.  Launch vehicle is an 4x4 Excursion, so lots of weight and contact area with the ground.  I'll add a hitch extension if needed for launching.



Joined: Wed Oct 26th, 2005
Location: Sierra Vista, Arizona USA
Posts: 3468
My thoughts:
1.  Contact Marina San Carlos and get the straight scoop from them.
2.  Have them launch your boat with their tractor.  They can get it in far enough to float.  Your truck not exposed to salt water that way.
3.  Have them launch from your trailer to the water with their hoist lift.  Trailer not exposed to salt water that way.

Good luck


Joined: Sun Oct 23rd, 2016
Location: New Mexico USA
Posts: 45
My boat draws 4'6" and I have to time my trips for High Tide, they shy away on extremely low tides but I do not have a problem as long as I look at the tide tables and look for something favorable during a work day. Even in a pinch, if you have to leave (maybe not on a launch) on a day that is not so good they have accommodated me.

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