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New drone rules in Mexico  Rate Topic 
 Posted: Fri Sep 28th, 2018 03:04 am
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Joined: Wed Aug 5th, 2009
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Here’s a heads up to the gringo drone flyers out there:

Tighter rules on drones coming but non-Mexicans need not applyOnly Mexican citizens will be eligible to obtain drone license or registration

Wednesday, September 26, 2018 
Flying a drone without a license will become punishable with a potentially stiff fine in two months, but foreigners needn’t apply.
Updated regulations on the remotely piloted aircraft systems, which take effect on December 1, follow those established by the United Nations International Civil Aviation Organization.
The main one is that pilots of drones weighing 25 kilograms or more must obtain a license and not having one could result in a fine of up to 403,000 pesos (US $24,000). One of the requirements for getting a license is Mexican citizenship.

The smaller classes of drones don’t require a license but do require registration which, according to the newspaper El Financiero, also requires Mexican citizenship.
The project director of the drone pilot training academy Amacuzac told the newspaper Vanguardia that licensing is necessary for safety reasons.
Luis Salazar Brehm said drone pilots might not be aware of the risks they present to manned aircraft.
“Knowing how to fly a drone is important because we are going to occupy the same air space as manned aircraft . . . and can get a plane in trouble.”
Drone pilots must know where they can and cannot fly, he said.
The updated regulations come at a time when the drone industry is expanding beyond recreational or promotional activities into agriculture and courier service and other applications, Salazar explained.
The new regulations have been established by the Civil Aviation Agency (DGAC), part of the federal Secretariat of Communications and Transportation (SCT).
Source: El Financiero (sp), Vanguardia (sp)

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 Posted: Fri Sep 28th, 2018 04:48 am
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Joined: Wed Oct 26th, 2005
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Read that a couple days ago.

25kgs. Sure.

Seems very misleading on the rest of it. We'll see.

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 Posted: Thu Oct 4th, 2018 04:00 pm
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Joined: Thu Mar 20th, 2008
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If this article is taken literally, it means simply that foreigners cannot, under any circumstances, fly even recreational drones in Mexico. We can only hope that is just a matter of definition and perhaps open to some interpretation.

As to the "25kg" number, I suspect they just dropped the decimal point, as 2.5kg is what the USA uses and this regulation is patterned somewhat around our NoB rules. But the MX$403,000 number is absurd, tho it does state "up to" that amount. It may be that only highly illegal activity (drugs, guns, no-fly-zones, etc) using a drone would suffer that horrendous fate.

But not being able to even register a relatively small drone (mine is 1.7kg fully loaded with battery and camera) simply because I am a foreigner seems way over restrictive. Perhaps some less narrow interpretations of the rules will emerge before December. I can understand the need to register my drone, just like in the USA, but not being allowed to unless a Mexico citizen is, as I said, over restrictive.


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