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Joined: Thu Sep 8th, 2016
Location: USA
Posts: 1
hi folks;
First off wanted to express sympathy for anyone affected by Newton. Looks like it really walloped SC hard. Ironically it's how I found this forum--saw pics on Facebook posted from here. Hope everyone's people, boats, properties, etc are OK.
I live in the SF area in California and I'm beginning the process of converting my racing Cal 39 back into a cruiser. Hoping to do the Baja Ha-Ha in '17, and wind up in December of '17 in San Carlos. So I'm doing a little research now.  This question is mainly aimed at folks who are doing the same thing: i.e., keeping a boat in marina seca and using it a few times a year.
First off, wondering if anyone has recommendations on which of the dry storage yards to use. Looks like Marina SC's dry yard got hit hard by Newton with several boats going over. Does anyone know why this happened? Being "out of the hurricane belt" is a big reason I was thinking about SC, and dry storage on top of that I thought would be a plus. Newton is making me think about that again. 
After the boat is there, initially we'd probably come down to use it for a week or two at a time from November through April, depending on vacation plans, etc. Not at all from May through October, probably. So we'd probably have it launched once in November, again in December, and then maybe once more in March each winter. After the last launch we'd strip the sails and otherwise prep it for hurricane season.
Second question: how dirty do the boats get in marina seca? do you have to spend a lot of time cleaning? Or do the folks doing the launch provide cleaning, maybe as an extra fee?
Any other tips or things you wish someone had told you before you brought your boat to SC would be appreciated. 
Thanks folks! Looking forward to hearing from you.


Joined: Sun Oct 23rd, 2016
Location: New Mexico USA
Posts: 37
I have been wondering about Marina Real for quite awhile. There are times when I come back down I have the black spot crap on my boat from storage at Marina Seca. Anybody really know what that is? I heard mold, I heard "something from when they treat sewage at the nearby plant..." Not sure what to think. I have the the boat buffed and waxed which is not cheap when they have to use the "acido" to get the crap off the boat. Not sure what kind of damage the Acido is doing to my finish as well... What are people's experiences storing their boat at Marina Real? Do they ever have boats go over in the hurricanes as well? How is their dry storage? Is it clean and safe, any problems anyone is aware of? If you don't want to say it on the forum, please send me a private message, I will keep your confidence.

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