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 Posted: Sun Nov 10th, 2019 04:43 pm
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Crime, domestic water, refuse pick up, road maintenance etc are all factors that enter into a persons decision to make Mexico their primary or secondary home . If a person is not willing to accept the previous statement, price is irrelevant.

These topics have been the object of discussion for the 12 yrs I have lived here. Still San Carlos carries on and new families continue make San Carlos their home.

Strangely, I read few reports on these boards of whats right with San Carlos and why we are here. For example, most recently the much improved Hwy from Nogales and the HMO bypass. Conversely we seem to dwell hysterically on its short comings and lament for the good old days. I for one do not understand the benefit in this, yet I keep reading them just the same. Perhaps that's a sign I am just getting old.