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 Posted: Sun Nov 10th, 2019 03:31 pm
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Yes there is increased reporting of crime, but there is- and has been based on my 14 yrs here- much more "stealth" crime. Many more audacious "no fear" thieves who enter houses in the daytime when the owner/s are busy working in the back yard, or in the shower, or afternoon nap. And very few of these thefts are reported. I just found out that my next door neighbor was robbed while working in the back garden, they walked in the open back door, picked up wallet and laptop and walked out the front door. You leave a garage door open here and it's seen as an open invitation to a free, take what you want, garage "sale". And 3 weeks later you go looking for something, and can't find it. I think neighbor watch groups should fund neighborhood protection services. Break a few arms and that neighborhood would be protected.