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 Posted: Sat Nov 9th, 2019 05:30 pm
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all real estate markets have their ebbs and flows, San Carlos is no different!
prior to 2008 the market here was hot in every price range!
have you ever heard the old adage "you can't build a million dollar home in a hundred thousand dollar neighborhood and expect to get your return back???? you see that all over San Carlos!

there are very few track type homes here most are custom in every price range and every neighborhood level! so it is difficult to get a CMA!!
for approximately 4 years the market up to about $150,000. has been fair, anything on the beach selling at asking prices, and many many times over a million!

so then you have the market OVER $150,000 NOT ON THE BEACH! THAT MARKET HAS BEEN STAGNATE FOR NEARLY A DECADE! many quality beautiful homes, many in gated communities! ALL ON THE MARKET FOR YEARS!!!

also in these last 4 years the demographics has drastically changed, now the predominate buyers are Mexican citizens!

i know what i am talking about, i was a licensed real estate agent in Arizona for 33 years and have been a contractor for 40 years, 18 of those years here! i have bought and sold DOZENS of properties here! i am in the trenches not an armchair speculator!!!

the forecast for the coming real estate  market, IMHO is bleak!!!!!
there are to many negative factors that need to be resolved before San Carlos returns to a vibrate pre 2008 market!

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