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 Posted: Sat Nov 9th, 2019 01:35 pm
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With all this stuff about cartels, etc, I was wondering what your opinions are (not that anyone here has opinions-just kidding) regarding the drive from Hermosillo on Rt 14 to 17 North to Agua Prieta.  I love Mexico and have not seen enough of it but I also don't want to do something totally stupid like driving down a road where I am not wanted or expected to be.  

Given that, these appear to be two roads highly traveled and reasonably populated (this is a guess on my part) so an American tourist in a 2014 Ford pickup truck may not raise too many eyebrows.  Just want to explore a little more on my way back and have an alternate route.  I have taken route 2 over to Agua Prieta and was comfortable with that drive.

What do you think?  Is this an acceptable alternate route for a tourist?  My Spanish is poor but I get by with it.  Driving remote isolated roads for someone that does not have a purpose to be in that are is most likely not a good idea in my opinion.  But well traveled roads (while there will always be some sort of risk-just like in the US) I would assume to be OK to drive in the state of Sonora.

Any recommendations?  Thanks ahead of time for sharing.

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