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 Posted: Tue Nov 5th, 2019 04:25 pm
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RichD wrote: It will be interesting to see what the response is from the US. Are they going to provide assistance to fight the cartels? A terrible tragedy that needs a response just not sure what it will be.

They will refuse help, at least publicly. AMLO will see it as a threat to Mexico's national sovereignty. 

Like the cartel's aren't, Mr. President............?

He's always been about keeping foreign countries influence out of Mexico. He's been against the privatization of Pemex, their mineral resources, etc. He wants the military back to doing it's job protecting Mexico from "invaders". It would be a big about-face for him. 

I have read countless op ed pieces from both side of the border saying that AMLO's policy, vis a vis cartel interdiction, is incoherent at best and possibly collusionary at worst. This is a regular claim, dating back to Calderon. The Mexican presidents favors one cartel over the others, to try and bring some order to all the chaos. It's easier to deal with a monopoly is the reasoning. Getting there is the hard part.

Hugs ain't gonna cut it, against these types. And their business is largely a cash business, so it's hard to weaken them financially.

I did find some info on what AMLO has to say about getting help from the US. Naturally, it's on Borderland Beat. Should have gone their first.