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 Posted: Fri Nov 1st, 2019 05:35 pm
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As long as the gringo can be persuaded to invest his or her dollar in this "OLD" scam concept. Twice and probably more times than I'm aware of.

On a side note:  I also agree that the biggest defenders are the Gringo's that have alot of skin in the game. There is absolutely no comparison when your talking NOB to Mex. That's simply absurd. ( rolling my eyes ) 

Would a reasonable flight be a great concept and convenience Absolutely! Years ago I flew from Phoenix right into Guaymas on Fridays. It was so reasonable. Loved it!  THOSE DAYS ARE GONE FOREVER! 

It's not going to happen and I hope you don't invest a red cent in this hogwash of any flight coming this way or into Guaymas. You can still fly into TJ and head whatever direction from there...

Heck, there are many that are still fighting to recover the losses incurred from the last scam. 

It has been stated many times that the dynamics of SC / and worse yet Guaymas have changed dramatically. SC is not a huge tourist destination to support this kind of investment.....  Look at what is going on now. Water issues, garbage issues, crime, kidnappings etc?    Just my opinion

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