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 Posted: Thu Oct 31st, 2019 04:32 pm
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I would like to know when capital gains is required to be paid in Mexico when you sell your property. I do not understand why a friend of mine has to pay capital gains when his papers state that he invested  a certain amount of money when he purchased and built his home, and is now selling it for $200,000 less. ISR is exactly that.  You gain, but if you lost, why are you being asked to pay a capital gain, when you had a major capital loss, and your documents reflect that?  Some brokers say that it isn't required to pay capital gains when you lost.  And then I find out that some brokers say, "it doesn't matter that you loss all of that money, it is the law, and you have to pay thousands of dollars even tho you lost money."  Something isn't right here......As a former broker in Mexico and a Realtor now in the states, capital gains is still a gain financially.  A loss you can write off.....why is this becoming an issue in San Carlos?