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 Posted: Mon Oct 28th, 2019 06:28 pm
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Price is absolutely a critical component of the success or failure of flights into Guaymas.

I used to fly from California into Phoenix, then Phoenix to Guaymas.  It was a bit pricey, but tolerable.  Those America West turboprop flights were initially almost always around 80-100% full.  Prices started going up as flight loads went down, eventually the prices were at the top of what I was willing to pay (about $800).  Then flight cancellations became common, and they eventually dropped the flight completely.

So with no flights going into Guaymas, there were a couple of choices of direct flights from LAX to Hermosillo.  Again, at first pretty affordable, even cheap.  Full size jet, usually pretty full, always had Mexican celebrities on board (judging from selfie and autograph requests at Hermosillo gate), prices weren't too bad initially.  One of the two airlines stopped, then prices started up fairly quickly on the remaining Aeromexico flight  Again, flight loads went down as the prices went up, and I was paying around $500-$600 for the flights, and getting to and dealing with LAX is no picnic.  Then Aeromexico cancelled and there was no way to fly direct from southern California to Hermosillo, and the layovers on the other options were expensive and long.

That left us with the train to San Diego (I highly recommend the Surfliner first class, a nice relaxing ride with a great view next to the ocean), a friend driving us to the Cross Border Xpress, then flying direct from Tijuana to Hermosillo with a taxi the rest of the way to Guaymas.  Flight was/is cheap.  Used to have two airline choices (Interjet and Volaris), but now just Volaris, and the legroom for a big gringo on Volaris is HORRIBLE.  But the flight is cheap and convenient, and the lack of legroom is bearable for the short flight.  Tijuana airport was already fine for what it was, but last time I flew it was undergoing heavy modernization and upgrades into a first world airport.  But you are dealing with trains, planes and automobiles (actually train, automobile, walking across bridge, plane, taxi).  Time consuming, but the low cost, variety of scenery and lack of waiting around during a layover made it worth it.

I'm horribly babbling on about this, but bottom line is that flights directly into Guaymas make things immeasurably easier, would be great for the town and would increase the frequency of visits by vacation homeowners and other visitors.  I hope it happens, but success is highly dependent on price.

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