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 Posted: Fri Oct 18th, 2019 07:14 pm
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MARIGOT wrote: I just had a conversation with my bilingual, educated painter (who lived and worked in the USA for many years) about the Culiacán violence yesterday.
The information he has is that the families of FIVE National Guardsmen were snatched from their residences and were being held hostage, with threats of imminent murder if Ovidio was not released immediately.
That’s why the Security Minister, Alfonso Durazo, ordered the release of Ovidio.

Well, I dont understand why AMLO would not have referred to this, in his press briefing. That would go a long way towards giving him justification for ordering the release of Guzman's son. People could understand that. The reports that I have read say that Durazo was taking orders directly from AMLO, on the release.

AMLO is taking a real beating on this release. In the Mexican press, in the international press, on social media (which I guess is important, these days :? ).

What a difficult situation this is putting Mexico in........all choices are tough ones to make.

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