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 Posted: Wed Oct 16th, 2019 04:10 am
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frankie wrote: i am trying to justify to myself how we get the news here?

then the rumor mill begins, caring and interested readers here posting what appears from the erroneous reports from the different news outlets and social media!

look at this thread SEE how it has morphed to the point were we don't know any real facts! what we do know from videos and police radio is that the police where indeed ambushed, 2 injured. a female officer screaming for help and giving clearly her location!
we have no legitimate knowledge of the condition of the injured officers!

i am restarting this thread only as a reminder to all, what has AGAIN restarted on the the GUAYMAS MAYOR thread!
i personally don't believe it is necessary to paste every news article! 
most of the reporters  are questionable and rarely reveal any sources to verify their story!
do yourselves a favor, read the thread from the first post! you will see a poster who appears paranoid and hysterical! talk about over kill!!!!!!!!
this is not responsible posting, and creates more problems than it attempts to inform!

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