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 Posted: Mon Aug 26th, 2019 08:55 pm
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I'm a health insurance expert in the US AZ and I would be suspect regarding a few of their claims. To be safe, I suggest you check with your carrier before relying on the information on their website to avoid any unpleasant surprise bills.
1. Most HMO plans will only provide out-of-network benefits for emergency situations and some exclude foreign coverages. I doubt routine care is provided except for a couple PPO plans such as the statewide BCBS PPO option. They website makes it appear routine coverage would be provided but usually there are certain requirements from the carrier that have to first be met.
2. They discuss Medicare Supplements F, G, L, M, and N providing coverage. However they fail to mention a couple of major limitations. It only covers an individual for the first 60 days they are out of the country, has to be an "emergency" with a $250 deductible at which time the beneficiary will pay 20% of the bill with the supplement provider liable for the other 80% up to a lifetime limit of $50,000. My suggestion is to always check with your insurance provider for specific plan details. For those interested for $12 a month per family, I can provide "No Cost" emergency medical evacuation back to the US, emergency roadside assistance including service in Mexico, and 24/7/365 day access to a doctor by telephone who can video conference with you and provide medical advice and write prescriptions. Prescriptions can only be written in the US due to Mexico not recognizing US doctors for this purpose.