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 Posted: Mon Aug 19th, 2019 07:05 pm
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frankie wrote: Bullshipper wrote:
In fact sometimes the owner will place a micro switch under a pad so that the pumps only steal when the test flask is on top of the switch turning it on to position the second steal gear with fewer teeth pushing the the piston measuring pump.

really? that would require a solenoid that is attached to a remote control or direct contact switch, to engage the gears! the remote control would require a radio transceiver and antenna. 
* the Arco station here has 4 islands servicing on each side, 8 pump spigots for regular, 8 pump spigots for premium, 8 metered gauges!
* the remote would also have to have 8 different signals for the 8 different gauges
* seems very complicated and something that would be easily seen!
i guess anything is possible, if it's all about the pesos for profit!

P.S. since the owner does not pump the gas ALL the attendants would have to be in on the scam! there goes the profit! most the attendants in town take the bus to work!
i have no doubt these where once common unscrupulous  practices, hopefully those practices will be a thing of the past!

i have a trip meter on my 2001 cherokee, i know how many miles i have traveled and how they where traveled. when i arrive the station i take out my calculator and KNOW EXACTLY how much fuel i will use and how much i will pay!!!! it works perfect every time!!!!
One switch engages all pumps same time, usually hard wired. Air injection was another old trick to send less gas, as well as small copper return lines to the tank, after the gas was measured.

But I think that the Flecha chain is now pumping the right amounts, and have no idea if others have gone honest now after Pemex let them raise their prices. 

Inspectors were paid 3% of the total sales for the first days of the month by each station that was cheating to turn a blind eye, so I doubt they just gave up on their slush fund after so many years of living the high life. Pemex has always been a cash cow for the dishonest that operate and regulate it. Typically, stations dispensed 945 ml(Qts) and we paid for 1000 ml liters.

Stolen gas at the pump never paid IVA to the government either, so this may be a loop hole the government will try to close, someday. Stolen Gas from the pipelines is really another tax, as we pay more for gas to make up for Pemex losses, and actually pay a monthly stipend of about $8,000 per month the the robbers, in the hope they will stop stealing, but cartels continue to fill truck loads to compensate for lost marijuana sales to the US since legalization started taking a bite out of their coffers.