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 Posted: Sun Jun 9th, 2019 06:28 am
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Bullshipper wrote: Toros are something to fish father south where they run up to 30 lbs and hang around all year in great numbers round. Barra de Navidad to Punta Mita is a good stretch to explore for these.

Cabrilla, Corvina and Skipjack are what I would target in our area if shore fly fishing was on my agenda. Lots of retired folks cant afford to charter a lot of days, so shore fishing watching the sun come up is an affordable fun way to start the day, and one fresh fish is lunch.
engine trouble has me stuck on the beach this weekend.  Did some snorkeling with the family today in front of soggy peso. Saw a big school of 5-10lb toros swim by a couple times.  Saw a golden terevally too.  I haven’t done much snorkeling in SC in quite some time but I don’t  remember ever seeing either of those 2 species when I was  a kid.  Some good size pargo out there too. I gotta think going  out chest deep and trying a few casts with popper and streamer Flies would eventually get bit by  Something. I’m taking my spinner tomorrow.