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 Posted: Wed May 22nd, 2019 07:46 am
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  I know. I'm just saying that the chances of success are extremely low. 
  I had the toros crash the beach at my house once last year. The blitz lasted thirty seconds, in which I got a good long cast off as I was still finishing a fifty yard sprint. I don't think that I could have ran there with a casting basket, ripped enough line out, and got a good roll cast off because a house was behind me. Now, that one eventually broke off on the rocks. I didn't lose any off the paddleboard. It would suck to spend thirty days hiking down to San Antonio point making hundreds of casts a day to have that fish wrap your expensive fly line around the rocks, which is most likely what will happen. The toros were present for two days, which often seems to be the case.
  I do believe the toros frequently swim by the ledge on the NE side of Honeymoon. I have had multiple follows there, but even with long popper casts have yet to get a 'land' strike.
  I once saw 'large' corvina (not white sea bass) at my feet on the Manglares shoreline. I don't get up at 5:00 to fish for them like some of the guys, but even then I usually hear that they have very limited success. 
  I did see some Milkfish in the estuary last year, but I think they are vegetarian. The Machete/Ladyfish fight like big fish, and they would be a blast on a light rod.
  The big snapper are pretty fished out, except in off-limit's areas. Besides the random times that they have corvina success, the shoreline bite is usually only decent for a couple weeks around late October or early November.
  I hooked several big yellowtail in tight to San Antonio this year, but that was still farther out and deeper than a fly could reach. Last year I saw one hour where yellowtail were chasing bait literally onto the rocks down from the Lookout, but you still would have had to have been patiently waiting on the right rock (and you would have seen us get a dozen on poppers)
  I just couldn't put my vacation or life on the sideline for months in the pursuit of a big fish on a fly rod when I could be catching fish on conventional tackle. I love to fly fish, but I guess that I enjoy catching fish more. Maybe I am just not a purist. I just see it as sensible. Use your boat. Have your fly rod ready. Save up for that Christmas Island trip. Be sensible and ust don't get your hopes up here of catching a big fish from shore, ...especially on a fly rod.