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 Posted: Wed May 15th, 2019 09:22 pm
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I drove the new bypass coming down this morning and what a genuine delight, versus going through Hermosillo.  Lots of places to pass, two wide lanes with reasonable shoulder.  No entry or exit access the entire length, except some of the private farms/ranches.  No services of any kind at this time.  The toll booths are open at the toll plaza, but most of the other structures being built at the plaza are still under construction.  It is 113 pesos for a car, didn't really look at the other fees.  I have always considered 30 minutes from the Hermosillo toll booth to the last stop light on the south side of town to be making fairly good time.  I checked closely today, from the Hermosillo toll booth to the ramp getting on 15 south of Hermosillo took me 25 minutes.  That includes the toll stop and the detour route getting on the bypass south of the Hermosillo toll booth.