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 Posted: Mon Apr 22nd, 2019 03:39 pm
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frankie wrote: shit happens;
i doubt seriously they knew their product was contaminated!

i am not a patron of the restaurant, nor have i  ever been there!!!!!

it is no different than buying contaminated beef, poultry, seafood, produce from your TRUSTED grocery, RESTAURANT in the USA!!!  


Well, if they didnt know the product was bad, then they probably dont know how to tell if the product is bad. So, it can happen again.

Fish gone bad is easy to tell. But sometimes the profit motive trumps the safety motive at restaurants. Fish is easily their most expensive component.

I will stick to making my own, down here.

Thawing some bonito loins and pre-made bonito sesame rolls for a dinner Thursday night. Vacuum sealed and thawing the loins over multiple days in the fridge. It will be raw bonito in spring rolls. Sesame rolls get thawed that evening, so they can be sliced. 

Time to use up the last bottle of sake and the last of the Sapporo, too.