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 Posted: Sun Apr 21st, 2019 02:39 pm
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They were open for drinks last night, but not serving food that I saw.

Man, crowds were by far the lightest I have seen in my 10-11 years of going. At least in terms of walking the streets. Only a few congested areas; the usual spots.

Our group was the only gringos we saw walking the streets. Usually we are running into gringo friends left and right. But it was a very late Easter, so lots have already returned for tax/residency reasons.

The only other ones we saw were at Hair of the Dog and Delfines. 

I spoke with Alex at Hair and he said it was clearly an off year in terms of attendance in San Carlos.

It was good to get reacquainted with some of our Mex friends we dont see very often. We saw Miguel's sister Erica, who used to work at The Edge, Ballena Blanca and other places. Havent seen her in a couple years. 

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