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 Posted: Sat Apr 20th, 2019 06:49 pm
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WOW! Not the kind of "intoxication" I'd want at Semana Santa......

The best sushi in San Carlos is the sushi you make at home. There is probably no substitute, especially if you DONT WANT CREAM CHEESE IN YOUR SUSHI, which is, for some reason, common here.

Sushi is the best use for the Mexican bonito we sometimes catch around here, IMO. Not quite as flavorful as yellowfin tuna, but pretty darn good.

Try taking the loins (or any part of it that is at least an inch thick) roll it in sesame seeds are fry it in a thin layer of hot sesame oil till it appears to be cooked about 1/8 inch in. Delicious with the traditional soy/wasabe concoction or with a homemade ponzu (basically lime juice, soy sauce and a little Asian fish sauce if you have it).