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 Posted: Tue Apr 9th, 2019 11:00 pm
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long time resident wrote: Bullshipper, I have renewed my US passport twice since becoming a Mexican National. I have had no problem at all either time. And renewing my mexican passport was done in 40 min at the mexican consulate. (while I waited), left with my new one.

My experience was different. When I tried to renew my US P by mail, they requested a phone interview by letter.
They wanted to know why I wanted 2 nationalities, and if I had to give one up which would it be?

I responded that I was born an american and had gotten my Mexican naturalization to end the yearly cycle of applying for FM3's but that I would give up the Mexican passport if it endangered my US Citezenship.  

Then they asked me to submit current USA tax returns, again by mail.

After that they granted it, but the extra time inconvenienced my travel plans, and that's why I mentioned it.

When my wife got her USA nautralization, they confiscated her Green card. The problem there was we had also planned to travel right after her ceremony so we had to go to San Diego to do a one day application, and demonstrate why we needed to be back in Mexico using hotel reservations. Extra cost and worry of course.

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