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 Posted: Tue Apr 9th, 2019 09:45 pm
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Got to town Thursday night. We had planned on running to Tortuga Friday but the wind shut us down. Fished fri, sat, sun. Running to the Pando in the morning then to the island for the rest of the day. There are tons of small fish at the Pando. Same grade that is being caught out front but we had it to ourselves every morning and from what I heard on the radio these were a little more willing to bite. We would chase the birds and throw a few 6-8ish pounders in the box fairly easily and leave em biting. We did hook one on the troll that was pulling pretty good before coming off so there could be a few bigger ones around.  The bigger fish are at the island in good numbers but the bite was off and on. We got 6 Friday, and 2 Saturday, all on the troll no luck with jigs or poppers.  A giant pod of dolphins came through both days and seemed to shut the bite down.  Sunday was rougher seas but the boils stayed up for a long time anywhere from 1/4 -1/2 a  mile off the south end ( no dolphins not sure if that was the difference). Again they would not eat anything we casted at them. Telamon was the only other boat out there chasing them (I think son of a fish was bottom fishing) we watched them hook 2 on coltsnipers and land one of them plus a few more trolling. We were able to pick off 5 on the troll with a few in that better 20-25lb class and one fat one looked a little better than that. Ive never fished for Yellows with live bait in SC but I think some lively baits on thin flouro would've made all the difference in those boils. We'll have to try to get some for next time.  Oh, we also got a bonus cabrilla trolling tight to the rocks at the island.  

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