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 Posted: Sat Feb 23rd, 2019 03:25 pm
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Snoop wrote: So there not any ARCO stations in Hermosillo or along the way then?  My range in my rv is about 400 miles so as long as I can get ulsd in guaymas I would be fine!  I've been waiting so long I am still a little undecided about whether this fuel issue has finally been solved for  the San 
Carlos area?  It sounds like maybe it has, but this is Mexico...and we all know we're talking about a different....and special.... place! Lol. If anybody has anything more to add to this thread I'd be very interested in your thoughts !  Again, thanks in advance for hastening my return to the beautiful town by the gulf where I have so many fond memories!!  Snoop

According to Google, there is an Arco station in Magdalena de Kino, Imuris, many in Hermosillo and six in the Guaymas/San Carlos area. Not all will have diesel;  the one in San Carlos does not.

Just fill up at the Circle K, off the Mariposa exit in Nogales AZ, and you should be good to go until San Carlos. You could go past the SC turnoff and proceed MAYBE three miles to the Arco I was mentioning, and then return to SC. You're here, you're full, you're good to go further.

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