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 Posted: Tue Feb 19th, 2019 05:31 pm
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Ditto all above!;) It's all opinion. I still think San Carlos is a nice inexpensive place to now visit. It was great to have the opportunity to live on or near the Ocean for dirt cheap not to mention within 5 hours of the USA. That in its self WAS a good motivator to put up with more. I for one could not live ANYWHERE in the United States as I did in Mexico, it was an awesome experience. :? 

Until someone takes control of the madness, IMO, it will only get worse. Some would agree, the "PAST" is a great predictor of the "future" if the rule of law and thought process of the people who make the most important decisions don't change??? 

Last year an influential person reminded me WHERE I AM, AND sternly reminded me that being a perm resident doesn't give me the right to question how GOV money is spent... Period! Specifically our property taxes. ( Yep, that's right folks!)
They stated, some have been here so long they think and act like they own San Carlos. Well, they don't! Your all guest gringos!  If NOT a CITIZEN of Mexico, you can be asked to leave at any time. Yes, Like you are right now, I was shocked!
I was a little intimidated at the time..The next day, However, I did go to this persons office to speak in person the next day. I wanted to clarify the conversation.

********I was addressed on my facebook! INSTANT MESSENGER!  So let that sink in! 
( That's one of the subjects I addressed at the office)

I did admit that I actually "don't know" what is legal or illegal to do, or what questions I could ask, and what not.etc..I said I would be better informed if we had some consistency!. I asked for the MEXICAN rule book! LOL....IT WAS ALL GOOD!!! I left on good terms and a few chuckles behind us..

Bullshipper, IMO: some are SERIOUSLY thinking of leaving. Do they need a push from other's to do so? NO. 
IMO, sometimes it's become so darn clicky and so many bullies, that some people are RELUCTANT to speak their true mind because of intimidation they receive when saying or questioning anything negative about San Carlos. 

Fact: There has been an upswing in the dangerous incidents in SC, and Guaymas is out of control. 
 Yes, many other people NOT from SC read these boards. That could also be viewed as a poss thing? Everyone who reads on here is an adult, Im sure have the ability to make their own decissions so should they hear all sides and opinions? I see nothing wrong with that.  
We all have personal opinions, and we're all entitled to express them.
 Just don't ask Guaymas where did YOUR TAX money go???????????????????????  Right???   LOL!!  :O)  :O)

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