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 Posted: Sun Feb 3rd, 2019 03:07 am
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Lots of bad information ITT. Telcel is really only a good option if you are in MX for long periods of time. No one can call you on your US number. They have to call you on your MX Telcel number.  Plus you have to fumble around with SIM cards and dealing with Telcel. If you live in MX, sure, if you are visiting, no.

AT&T is the best for MX. You get free calls, text, and data for all of North America. Same with T-Mobile, but AT&T has a little better service (AT&T bought 2 MX carriers in the last 2-3 years). Both roam over to the Telcell network (for free) when not using their own networks. My 3 kids use their iPhones in MX just like they are in the US.

Cricket is owned by AT&T. You can get plans that give you free roaming to MX. If anything, just turn it on for a month or so:

Verizon has historically been the worst US carrier for international roaming, but they have slowly gotten better.

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