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 Posted: Sun Jan 13th, 2019 05:18 pm
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MARIGOT wrote: I have rented here for 9 years, and from the hundreds of stories I have heard from friends and acquaintances about abuses of the law which ruined their property values or bogus law suits that took their property, I would NEVER buy land or property here.
Plenty of visual/physical examples of owners whose view was completely blocked by people illegally building 2 and 3 story structures around them.
Not for me.
Read the thread about the golf course and the possibly that part of the course (which has been marked off in lots) will be sold, building houses in front of long time residents on the course.  Too many ways for abuse to occur.
No matter how much you educate yourself on the real estate transaction law and research the property you are tempted to buy, NOTHING can prepare for and avert the kind of future actions by others that can rob you of your investment.
After you meet a few people and have heard a few horror stories, you’ll understand.

Best of luck to you no matter what your decision...
So true about physical views. I know someone that had something like that happen to them. To add insult to injury, the offending neighbor now enters injured neighbors property to cut the top of a tree down because it is blocking his view from his illegally built patio.