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 Posted: Sun Jan 13th, 2019 04:27 am
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Your responses have been enormously helpful and informative.  A few may be hyperbolic but instructive.  Yes this is in a restricted zone.  The owner is a bit of a-what's the best word? in English it might be Cad, in Spanish Mexican it would be "Cabron" and yes I understand all that implies.  As the transaction implies a significant portion of my finite resources and retirement funds I will clearly proceed with caution, due diligence,realistic expectations and a better informed strategy regarding approach.  I have a naturally cautious bent against being taken advantage of and a pretty well honed self preservation.  I will learn the nuances of Mexican real estate before money changes hands.   If anyone has a truly trustworthy Notario who would be available to discuss this- it would be appreciated.

Up here I am a licensed contractor doing public works contract and not unfamiliar with legalese and covering my assets.  Most deals too good to  be true are just that, but some I still own and were glad I ran into them.

Personal reference for legal advise is gladly accepted in a PM.