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 Posted: Sat Jan 12th, 2019 07:21 pm
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Haven't found clear instructions about buying a house in Mexico.  There is an opportunity to purchase a place- not in San Carlos- I have been speaking with the owner about buying.  He is a gringo, lived there 25 years and tells me in Mexico the bank owns the deed/trust to the house in the "owners" name, or at least that is the best understanding/recollection I have of his explanation.  He tells me there are no liens on the property.  It is my understanding the process of property purchase/change of ownership would be handled by an attorney and would likely cost "a few thousand dollars USD" [2-3 grand? more?].  The deal might be the one I'm looking for in terms of price, location, timing for retirement.  Any insights or advise- things I need to make myself aware of for this transaction.  Would be especially helpful to find an informative centralized source of information/guidebook for the process of real estate purchase in Mexico.  Thanks in advance.