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 Posted: Wed Jan 9th, 2019 08:52 pm
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I am still working at age 66, with a great job, a high quality/high deductible insurance plan with Flex-Spending and HSA accounts I fund to the maximum allowed, and enough funds in the HSA to cover the maximum O.O.P. for any event/year, so yes, that is a consideration.

  Having said that, I would have spent any amount required for the outcome I had with my cancer. I feel I had a superior team that probably saved my life, and did it with an extremely non-invasive procedure with almost no recovery required, so I am more than grateful. It would have been much different for me to go through the process without the support I had, with some of that being the ability to converse without any language/translation barrier. I spent hours in consultation with the urologist, radiation oncologist, robotic surgery oncologist, and of course my Primary. Each of them assisted greatly in my understanding of the disease, and with the knowledge to guide my decision process for my treatment options. I would not have been as comfortable in Mexico, or France, or Germany in the same circumstances.

Again, my very best wishes to KimG in her time of need.