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 Posted: Wed Dec 26th, 2018 10:32 pm
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Approximately 4 years ago the initiative called "Pueblo Escenico", or Scenic Town, was adopted by the State of Sonora Tourism and the City of Guaymas.  Shortly thereafter, the leadership in Guaymas changed and the attention that the movement had garnered to that point ended. 

A small group of people came up with the idea and promoted it to government for several years before the designation became official.  The founding members knew that we could not comply with the requirements for Magical Town status, and this initiative was a way to gain assistance from government agencies that could, or might have helped with funding for sustainable beach cleaning, litter control, education, signage, etc.  The last city administration applied for the Magical Town status and apparently that was unsuccessful.  It's terrific that they made the attempt.  

In my humble opinion, the Pueblo Escenico/Scenic Town idea is more valid than ever.  Hopefully we can work with the new leadership and create some energy behind Pueblo Escenico.  It's worth a try.  

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