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 Posted: Tue Dec 25th, 2018 11:57 pm
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The name of the program that ended is "Pueblos Mágicos".  Before San Carlos was ever on a list to possibly get a Pueblo Mágico status, Janey McLean I believe was the promoter to make San Carlos a "Pueblo Escénico", but it was more like a local thing. Maybe she can elaborate on that. 

Hook wrote: I saw an article on Mexico Daily News yesterday, stating that the Mexican Federal Government has decided to de-fund the Pueblo Escenico program. It seems the two main reasons given is that, one, there was no measure in place to determine if the funding for each town was having any measurable effect. And, two, the criteria for determining which towns "deserved" the designation often came down to corrupt federal bureaucrats passing monies to corrupt state and city officials. The Feds said they have no problem if the states want to continue the program, but they will have to fund it on their own. 

Here is the "front page" for Mexico Daily News. Scroll down near the bottom to find the article. MDN limits the number of articles you can read each month, without becoming a member or paying something. I am almost out of my December quota.

BTW, there was a link within the article that showed the 10 cities that were granted Pueblo Escenico status in October. San Carlos was not one of them.