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 Posted: Mon Dec 17th, 2018 09:44 pm
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The Water sample was taken today from a Employ of the Country Club and we bring the Sample today later to the Laboratory.

We used to have aeration in the pond behind the Pump house for the Golf Course, yes it was removed. We used to have Spin filter in the Pump house, yes it was removed.

Bullshipper tell me where I try to make harm to the Tourist industry by addressing Problems.

We used to have a beautiful Driving ranch sold for Cash
We used to have Tennis courts, now complete destroyed
We used to have function bathrooms for men and woman, they are locked up or dirty
We used to have a safety rail to and from the Bridge now rusted away 
We used to have a beautiful 11 Fairway, bulldoze to sell Land
We used to have Lockers for our Golf equipment all destroyed
We used to have 30+ running Golf Cars , what happen

Maybe you should go to the Administer of the Golf Course and find out about all this issues and then inform us. Please